1st Annual Healthcare Summit:

Our Rural & Urban America

The 1st Annual Healthcare Summit: Our Rural & Urban America hosted a panel of 13 leaders in healthcare to get the conversation moving on the issues facing patient access & physician shortage, along with narratives on the opioid crisis, mental health awareness, medical insurance and legislation. We had a dynamic discussion with a Congressman, Senator, the American Medical Association (AMA) National President, Hospital CEOs, and a number of Physician Leaders and Patients. Patients from the local community were able to voice their opinions & concerns directly to our Rock Star panelists along with capturing time to meet, greet and take photos and autographs.

1.) At the Local Level, we are offering free patient care, health webinars and medical bill negotiation.

2.) At the Regional Level, we are building better execution between the private and public sectors, the hospitals and government bodies.

3.) At the National Level, we are pushing for legislation reform (sending our Xmas list to Santa lol). 

Innov8 together with our patients and our Rock Star panelists are making noise and working to bring action. Together we will crea8 and Innov8 ! Please reach us for information, questions, collaborations,
free patient care  and more @ Innov8YourLife@gmail.com or 305-989-0001.                                                               

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Chief Guest Panelists:



Innov8 CEO

U.S. Congressman

American Medical Association (AMA) National President

Cook County Health System Physician

Family Physician & AAFP Board Member

Family Physician/Hospital Residency Program Director

AAPI National President


Hospital CEO Good Samaritan

Hospital CEO Heartland

President of SSM Health

Multi-Physician Practice Manager

Summit Dinner Dialogue with Congressman



Did you know that 1 in 5 children pass through poverty? Did you know that 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We have been providing aid to these children and families in the form of funds, Red Nose community projects, medical needs, school supplies, clothing and nutrition, along with simple personal time. We need your support. Please help us give Children and Families of Poverty and Autism a Fighting Chance ! 

Charity celebrated at the Summit

Charity celebrated at the Summit

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