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Core / Elective Rotations

We Offer Core and Elective Rotations:


Core Elective: It is a mandatory medical student clinical rotation that is included in the curriculum (for this reason sometimes also referred to as core clerkships) at the affiliated hospital of your medical school institute. US medical students do clerkships as part of their 3rd-year requirement, but for most international medical students Clerkships are part of their third year as well as 4th-year rotation.

A clinical elective is an optional away rotation that a final year medical student can do outside the hospital of their institute to gain Clinical Experience. However, if you want to Match within the United States, it is recommended to do rotations within the country.

During our clinical rotations, students work directly with either physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff. They are required to conduct history taking, physical examinations, case presentations, and laboratory analysis. These rotations are elective eligible.  Our goal is to support you every step of the way on your journey to successfully landing the U.S. residency program that best suits your career goals.

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