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National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide 

We lose an estimated 400 physicians to suicide every year. On this day we will stand together in solidarity to say ‘no more.’

Please join medical students, doctors, administrators, friends, family, and Care2 members across the U.S. to help raise awareness of the medical community’s suicide epidemic. Together we will show those suffering in silence that they are not alone, we will start conversations to create change within our medical schools and hospitals, and we will pay tribute to those who have lost their lives.

Come listen to speakers from the medical community share their experiences, observations, and ideas for how to combat the suicide epidemic. Bring your own personal story or ideas to share during the open mic portion of the event. And join us as we remember those who have lost their lives to suicide during the event’s closing candlelight vigil.

If you would like your story or ideas heard, but do not want to speak yourself, send a written piece to Please include your city and state and whether you would like to remain anonymous or have your name shared during the event.

If you are part of the medical community, please wear your white coat. If you are not, please wear a white shirt. Signs and candles will be provided by event organizers.

This event is sponsored by and may be filmed as part of the “Do No Harm” documentary produced by award-winning filmmaker Robyn Symon.

Sign the Care2 petition demanding concrete policies to prevent physician and medical student suicides: 

Learn more about “Do No Harm” and support the documentary with a donation:

From our Innov8 Chief Operations Officer :


Over 400 physicians every year commit suicide. The healthcare system is becoming less supportive of physicians and there is an increase in physician burnout. Our Chief Medical Officer, a physician, has already been affected by this so you are guaranteed to experience this in some way. A few of us might even reach that breaking point, which is frightening. Please go to our Facebbok page and show your support for this cause.


There is a petition to demand the ACGME (a governing board of medicine) make new policies that lend more support and end physician suicide. You can find the petition on our page:


This is a serious issue so please don't take this lightly and show your support.


As part of the initiative there is a National Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide. See the TED Talk below.


The group hosted a candle light vigil in 12 cities in the U.S. and we had a chance to visit the Chicago location and speak on behalf of Innov8 (as Super Patch Adams).


We are now going to work with this group ! We are proud to support this initiative.


This is an movement that is critical to everyone, even those outside the healthcare profession. Furthermore, it relates to our hopes for medical training reform, so it aligns with the goals of Innov8 ! Thank you for supporthing this cause ! God Bless !


Hear the words by one of our Innov8 Leaders ...



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