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Knowing Medicine Is Not Enough.


The Physician of Today MUST be multifaceted with various skill sets. The economic pressures to reduce cost while increasing quality are intensifying across practice environments.


NINETY PERCENT of Hospitals are run by Business and Political Professionals! WE MUST GET AHEAD AND INCREASE OUR KNOWLEDGE BASE to progress in our Careers!


So...What if we could offer you an Elective in Business/Entrepreneurship, Law, And Politics?


What if we told you that this would help you stand out significantly in comparison to other Medical Students?


What if we introduced you to Powerful and Influential Leaders in Business, Law and Politics, whom practically own and run Hospitals? Acquiring and Networking with these contacts can catapult your career in Medicine faster and further than any other choice!


Among the nearly 6,500 hospitals in the United States, only 235 are run by physician administrators, according to a 2009 study in the journal Academic Medicine. Most of them are in Business.


Looking to broaden your application and step outside the World of Medicine?

Acquiring Contacts and Engaging in Network Opportunities can help you secure a position in your dream job or specialty!


We offer different Internships:


- Medicine -

- Academia exposure -

- Entrepreneurship -

- Law and Politics: Legal Office/ Attorney’s Office -

- Practice Management / Marketing / Technology -

- Finance, Investments & Real Estate Planning -

- Political aspirations -

- Community involvement -

- Philanthropic Projects: Leadership Roles -

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