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Southern Illinois is a buzzing community with a multitude of opportunities in many sectors including tourism and business growth.  With this growing change we will need leaders for tomorrow.  This is where the children of Southern Illinois come in.  Many counties in Southern Illinois are in poverty and children all over are not able to get clothes for school, proper shoes and school supplies.  Innov8 has been working with children of Southern Illinois for a few years and we want to do more.  We kindly ask for you to get involved in your community's growth!  We would love to have your support as we strive to help make a positive influence in the future of Southern Illinois.  



2nd Annual RED NOSE EXPO


3-DAY PROGRAM: October 26, 27 & 28


Friday 10/26              Masquerade Ball – Formal Black Tie/Gown Affair

Saturday 10/27          Family Festival    – Outdoor Carnival

Sunday 10/28            Investors Club     – Panel & Presenters Forum

                                                                   (similar to the TV show “Shark Tank”)


Raj Nayar & Team     305.989.0001




Southern Illinois is a buzzing community with a multitude of opportunities in many sectors including tourism and business. With this growing change, we will need leaders to enact growth and purpose for the families and communities invested in the area. Many counties in Southern Illinois need a larger microphone for voices to be heard in order for more resounding attention to come forth to create access to more industrious resources. The 2nd Annual Red Nose Expo is a fun-filled, pro-business charitable endeavor to showcase the Southern Illinois Community along with its resources and interests coupled with the support of various personalities, businesses, and charitable groups. The Red Nose is a gifted icon that allows humor to accent awareness for the needs of children, the elderly and the active community.




Innov8 Doctors Group, Clothes for SI Kids and the Southern Illinois Community. 

Innov8 is an organization that trains and networks for clinicians and patients.


Friday 10/26: Masquerade Ball – Formal Black Tie/Gown Affair Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Physicians, Lawyers and other professionals will come together to enjoy a night of music, food, and networking.


Saturday 10/27: Family Festival – Outdoor Carnival Family day for the community. Will feature games, local vendors, food and much more!


Sunday 10/28: Investors Club – Panel & Presenters Forum (similar to the TV show “Shark Tank”) Innov8's version of Shark Tank where budding entrepreneurs can present their ideas to a panel of potential angel investors.

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