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We walk with you for Life. 

We can help you:


- Improve your Public Speaking skills so you can impress any audience, program director or VC !

- Perfect your Resume to get you an interview for your day job


- Network so you can turn your day job into your dream job !!


- Negotiate your contract so that you earn those big bucks


- Manage your Finances so you can keep that hard cash $$


- Become a Leader in your community so you can meet those big wigs


We will help you Innov8YourLife, through all the 3 evolutionary phases of the Physician.

Innov8 is an educational forum that supports healthcare understanding. It is a networking organization that educates and trains patients, premedical students, medical school students and resident and practicing physicians about the evolving dynamics of the global healthcare system.
Such topics and enigmas as “Green Book (ACGME)” Preceptorship-Observership Acquisition, Physician Shadowing, Research & Residency Placement, Insurance Processing & Financing, Physician Access, Health Knowledge, Resume and Interviewing Skills Preparation, Professionalism & Networking, HMO's, PPO’s, EPO’s, Obamacare, Corporate Entities, Canadian Health System, HIPAA, OSHA, Malpractice Insurance and Regulation, Bioethics, Finance & Real Estate Planning, Patient Management, Free Patient Care, Patient Education, Medical Entrepreneurship, Telemedicine, Medical Tourism, Asset Protection, Public Policy and Politics, Medical Spanish, Humanitarianism, Volunteerism and much more are diagnosed. 

The founding principles and mission of the organization lie in its Subcommittee Roundtable Pillars of: 

- Philanthropy 
- Education-Professionalism 
- Entrepreneurship 
- Politics & Law 
- Social Networking

These Pillars not only define the foundation of the entity and label the type of events hosted, but ensure loyal character in its growing leadership. The delivery of such a paradigm is hosted in the events that disseminate new age information to the healthcare professional or student. Innov8 prides itself on progressive development in a changing marketplace in both the medical curriculum and professional practice. 

*Innov8 creates unique opportunities and solutions- It’s not enough to just know the medicine anymore."

: Past Successful Physician & Student Physician Events  :


• Fundraising & Support for a Children’s Home Orphanage & Special Olympics Swim Team 
• Created Indigent Patient Fund & Innov8 Founder’s Entrepreneurship Scholarship
• Donated medical supplies to Children's Group & Nepalese Earthquake Relief Fund


• Mock Interview & Public Speaking Workshops
• Cupcake & a C.V.: Sweet Treats & Resume Workshop 
• Life after the Rock: The Step 1, Rotation & Residency Experience with Canadian Physician Presenter
• Regrets after the Rock: Part II: The Next Step in the Game with U.S. Physician Presenter &
   Medical Student
• The Future is Now: How to secure your seat in Residency hosted with an M.D. Residency 
   Program Director 


• Business of Medicine: The Practice, The Insurances and the Obamacare/Canadian Health Systems with U.S. Board Certified Doctor Instructor
• Medical Entrepreneurship: Innov8ing your Career or Practice

Politics & Law:

• You Want In: The Odyssey of the U.S. ERAS & Canadian CARMS Residency Match Systems with U.S. Physician Speaker
• Malpractice 101

Social Networking:

• Networking 101: Securing Preceptorships During Breaks


It's Here ... Be an Innov8 Doctor !

To begin your Innov8 Benefits please contact us at

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