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Standing out....are YOU doing it right?

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You can have the best grades, the best resume, the best letters and still not get the job.... why?
Your credentials can get you in the door but your INTERVIEW SKILLS is what will get you beyond it. How you carry yourself, how collective you are as you answer the questions, how well can you comprehend and communicate while being memorable, what you should know before going in and specific important details are shared with you during your interview preparation. 
Whether you are applying for a Job, University, Medical School, Graduate School or Residency Innov8 has the tools and professionals to guide you. 
We will help you develop the way you think and how you should think based on the field, job or residency you are applying for. We will work with you to highlight your skills, thoughts, and ideas in an effective and articulate manner and further strengthening your confidence.
Beat the competitive application process and accomplish your dreams. 
Turn your interview into a position. Our team works with you to understand what you require and amplify your uniqueness. Our coaches cover all aspect of the interview coaching and assure this by offering:
- 1 on 1 Coaching -
- Public Speaking -
- Language Articulation - 
- Body Language - 
- Cultural Sensitivity - 
- Wardrobe Review - 
- Audience Strategy Assessment
- Social Media Awareness - 
Will YOU take the step to STANDOUT?
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