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Company Divisions:
Board of Governors:
National Board of Governors
Division of Fulfillment-Wellness
Division of Women of Innov8
Division of ProVolution: Evolution Beyond Clinical Medicine
Division of Humanitarianism
Division of Entrepreneurship
Division of Politics & Law
Division of Medicine
Division of Clinical Placement
Division of Finance
Innov8 Investor’s Club
Division of Technology
Division of Universities
Board of Trustees
National Board of Governors:
    - J. Eagleston, MD, MHA, Chief Medical Officer
    - N. Mohammed, MD, JM, Chief Operations Officer
    - B. Chaudhry, MD candidate, Chief Marketing Officer
    - E. Chedrawy, MD, MSC, FRCSC, FACS, MHA, CPE, FAAPL, MCPDC, Cardiothoracic Surgeon,                                            Administrator, Entrepreneur, Chief Physician Executive      
    - R. Kumar, MD, MBA, MLS, NLP, MS, JD candidate, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO & Instructor

Division of Fulfillment-Wellness:
    - E. Cheung, MD, JD, Director & Physician
    - A. Chackochan, MD, Associate Director
    - A. Tinwalla, MD, Psychiatrist & Corporate Administrator
    - C. Fannon, MS, Health Coach & Trainer
    - P. Rives, MD, Physician & Assoc Residency Program Director
    - R. Kumar, MD, Physician, Entrepreneur & Life Coach

Division of Women of Innov8:
    - F. Gersh, MD, Physician, Entrepreneur & International Speaker
    - A. Steele, MD
    - K. Akter, MD

Division of ProVolution:
Evolution Beyond Clinical Medicine
    - B. Korah, MD, Physician Researcher & Hospital Administrator

Division of Humanitarianism:
    - A. Steele, MD, Junior Associate

Division of Universities:
    - J. Donohue, MS, Director, Preclinical Acquisition

Division of Entrepreneurship:
    - R. Vidya, JD, MBA, Director
    - S. Ketarpal, Entrepreneur & Investor
    - M. Michaels, CPA, MD, Physician & Accountant
    - S. Agarwal, MD

Division of Politics & Law:
    - T. Nadir, JD, Esq, Director & Attorney

Division of Medicine:
D. Sheth, MD, Director of Rural-Urban Outreach
    - I. Kore, MD, Physician & Residency Program Director
    - K. Arnold, MD, Physician, Residency Faculty & Entrepreneur
    - S. Bakhsh, MD, Assoc Director of Rural-Urban Outreach
    - N. Mohammed, MD, Operations Manager 
    - L. Goriparthi, MD, Committee Member 
    - A. Ariboyina, MD, Committee Member
    - V. Patel, MD, Physician
    - M. Jorge, MD, Physician & Residency Faculty

Division of Finance:
    - O. Francis, Director & Financial Advisor
    - E. Hasnani, Advisor & Divorce Specialist

Division of Technology:
    - D. Sudkamp, Director
    - D. Allen

:: Welcome to A.R.C. ::























ARC is an Advisory Board of esteemed professionals with diversified interests, dynamic experiences and unique life battles. ARC is aimed to assist in building unique relationships coupled with economic and humanitarian growth and relief in various United States region.

ARC is here to provide need rural and urban areas and the surrounding communities in the mediums of healthcare, nutrition, education and living supplies. ARC is an Innov8 Production.


Meet the Board:


  •     R. Kumar, MD, MBA, MLS, NLP, MS, JD candidate, Chairman, Doctorpreneur

  •     Senator D. Fowler: Politician; Entrepreneur

  •     S. Ketarpal: Domestic/International Importer-Exporter; Investor

  •     K. Arnold, MD: Physician; Entrepreneur

  •     F. Gersh, MD: Physician; International Speaker, Entrepreneur

  •     P. Rives, MD: Physician; Associate Residency Program Director

  •     R. Kumar, MD: Physician, Life Coach; Entrepreneur

  •     C. Montemagno, MS, PhD: Chancellor; Researcher; Entrepreneur 

  •     H. Kaushal, MD: Physician; Residency Program Director

  •     R. Vidya, JD, MBA: Attorney; Entrepreneur

  •     R. Toleti, MS: Technology Entrepreneur; Investor

  •     O. Francis: Financial Advisor; Investor

  •     B. Chaudhry: MD Physician in Training; Investor

  •     N. Mohammed: MD 

  •     D. Sheth, MD, Director of Rural-Urban Outreach


Current Project:


Ever Built a City? 


The city of Cairo, IL has come under the spotlight of the Whitehouse and our friend and partner Senator Fowler has had the unique opportunity to begin work with Dr. Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and the Illinois Governor and their Teams. He has received much attention and funds for rebuilding this City thus far and we have created a trusted, loyal Advisory Board to help guide decisions in Healthcare, Economics, Real Estate, Technology, Shipping, Coal and Education, just to name a few, for revamping the City of Cairo and beyond.


The time begins now to help a once prosperous community that bears the gift of being located on the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers in the great Midwest of the United States. If you should be interested in more information and participation please contact us. Come build a Legacy.

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