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"For Physicians, By Physicians"

We are a unique medical training and networking Think Tank that fills the "Gaps" in Healthcare.


So what does that mean ?


We are a Team of Physicians, Entrepreneurs and more who support a new era of multidisciplinary entrepreneurship by example.


We groom the physician to become the entrepreneur … the “Doctorpreneur.” With the empowerment of our unique Team coupled with


  • one-on-one training,

  • workshops,

  • strategy consulting,

  • webinars,

  • trademark skill development,

  • direct resources,

  • coaching and implementation,

  • key networking

. . .the Innov8 Doctorpreneur is born.


We have created Doctorpreneurs by servicing clients in . . .


-Obtaining employment-

-Establishing a medical practice-

-Buying / Selling Medical Practices-

-Practice management/mechanics/marketing/technology-

-Equity opportunities-

-Entrepreneurial endeavors-

-Mitigating divorce and other law suits-

-Mental health awareness-

-Lifestyle management-

-Medical school and residency training placement-

-Financial, investor and real estate planning-

-Child college planning-

-Political aspirations

-Community involvement-

-Philanthropic projects- 

-Alternate career choices-


Who is the Physician Today:


Today’s time requires the Clinician to be the attorney, the accountant, the financial advisor, the policy maker, the healer and the friend. The reality is that we have never been formally trained to be this walking talking encyclopedia, yet we have all the expectations and liabilities to almost be each of these characters. As such, we have found a niche to help empower and re-train the clinical mind into realms outside of medicine, while coupling its poignant foundations.




Innov8: Entrepreneurship & Humanitarianism in Medicine began as a story from a young man in the medical and business school classroom who saw that the physician is not being cultivated enough for the challenges of real “street” medicine. Innov8 transformed from a student conversation group into an organization that trains and networks for clinician entrepreneurs through a number of measures and formulas. We have found that the physician evolves over 3 critical stages of development from 1) the collegiate premedical years to 2) the medical student periods and finally into 3) the physician. These are the 3 membership levels of the organization and as such we assist in their respective developments.


We are an entity composed of exemplary, diligent, like-minded individuals who want to help transform parts of the healthcare system, even in the small settings of a hospital, city or county through the agents of medicine, the clinicians. We have significant prowess as our Team, the Board of Governors, is composed of not only physicians and physicians in training, but 2 attorneys, financial advisor, accountant, health coach, nutritionist, public speaking coach, politician, 2 residency program directors, residents, 2 millionaire entrepreneurs, practice manager, divorce specialist, life coach, substance abuse counselor, psychiatrist, and technologist, just to name a few. This diversified Team allows us to successfully engage both the trials and triumphs of any medical professional.


Recent Innov8 Highlights:


•Technology App in process

•TED Talk partnership

•CME Presentation at Medical Conferences

•Residency Curriculum Revamping (Residency BootCAMP)

•Observership/Rotation Placement, Physician Employment & Practice Acquisition/Sale

•Division of ProVolution: Evolution Beyond Traditional Careers in Medicine  (Degrees/Training/Jobs/Businesses for those without Residency Match or in addition to medical careers)

•Women’s Initiative

•Humanitarianism Projects: Breast Cancer Research. Prostate Cancer Awareness, Red Nose Day for Children, Orphanage Program, Scholarships, Special Olympics, Child Poverty

•Patient Care Programs

•Varied Seminars:

      Business of Medicine

      U.S. Healthcare, ACA, AHCA

      Canadian Healthcare System

      Malpractice 101

      Asset Protection

      Workshops: Real Estate 101, Law & Politics Today, Finances, Public Speaking

      Basic Sciences Study Preparation

      USMLE Preparation

      Clerkship Acquisition & Networking

      Public Speaking Development, Interview Preparation, Wardrobe Management

      ERAS/CARMS Candidate Preparation

      Medical Entrepreneurship

      Burn Out/Fulfillment Management

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