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  • TeleMedicine & TeleTeaching Needs & Employment (For Patients / Physicians / Students / Businesspeople)
  • Tele-Rotations & Medical Research with a Journal Publication
  • Residency Match Resources 
  • Next of Kin / Estate Planning
  • Crisis Management Assistance 
  • Online Employment & Home Based Business Opportunities 
  • Educational Webinars 
  • Online Fitness & Nutrition Guide
  • Online Attorney / Physician Consultation

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1st Annual Healthcare Summit:  Our Rural & Urban America 


... to hear from a U.S. Congressman, Senator, CEOs,

American Medical Association, Patients, Physicians, Media and more ...


Division of Fulfillment & Wellness:

Mental Health is an important part of our Health that is often ignored. We sometimes don’t understand it because we can’t see and feel it like a broken bone. We misplace it’s importance in turn. Many suffer in silence and others do not find the help they need. You can walk right by someone with a bright smile and never know their internal struggle.

Our Division of Fulfillment and Wellness strives to help us all understand and appreciate Mental Health while shedding light on certain issues such as Physician “Burnout” and Suicide.

We strive to break the stigma surrounding Mental Health and raise awareness about important issues within various professions. Physicians, Medical Students and many others need a safe space to discuss and conquer Mental Health and the battles they face. This is our hope and goal for the future of Medicine for both the clinician and patient. 

We offer support and guidance through our Team of Psychiatrists, Life Coaches, Nutritionists, Financial Specialists and Health Instructors.

We focus on helping you develop a balance in your life to help you identify toxic elements and eliminate and deal with them in a healthy way.

We have hosted medical symposia, yoga sessions and medical round table forums to execute these goals, while partnering with various like minded organizations, companies  and international personalities. 

We can help both you and your business in this arena. We can educate and concierge coach you on Mental Health and ways you can improve your workplace through seminars on stress reduction, time management, work-life balance and much more.

Sometimes the battle is just juggling the many responsibilities we must hold as demanding professionals. The physician today must be the attorney, accountant, financial advisor, politician, community leader, all while being the healer and friend. We need to change this paradigm. Take the first step towards a fulfilled life. You are not alone.  Let us Innov8YourLife.

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